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Going to Mama Daisy's Funeral by Tammy Howell

The earliest funeral I can remember that was my first one was that of my maternal great grandmother, Daisy Harris Bell Siovell. She passed away in the year 1969, and I was eight years old.

I really don't remember much but the one thing I do remember but don't know why I remember this and not much else. My cousin, my niece and I were dressed alike. Someone had made us all these dresses and my great aunt did our hair because she was a hairdresser.

My cousin had to be about eleven and my niece about four or five. The people who were there that I would assume would be there are: my grandmother, her brother and sister. Also, all of Daisy's grandchildren, and great grandchildren. I would also include the spouses in the family.

I believe some of her family from Mississippi came but only because I recently talked to one of my sisters about no one having a picture of Mama Daisy (that is what we called her). She said that she was told by Auntie (our Great Aunt) that they had only one picture, and during the re-pass at Auntie's home, they believed an out-of-town family member took it.

I wish I could remember so much more about Mama Daisy, but sadly, I don't!

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