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Are You Involved in Family History?

We have a lot of dates and places that we are trying to figure out. We thought it would be nice to hear about some of us who found some answers. We know that would inspire us, and then more would be successful.

Week 4: 28 January 2023

"Are you involved in family history? Who was the hardest person you ever found? How did you do it?"

"I actually found two of them at the same time" by Tammy Howell

"I Traced Back to David Nelms (1806 - ) from Anson County, North Carolina," Robin R. Foster

You might have a story that will help someone, so dig as deep as you can. Get the stories out there.

  1. Send your story to me: I will post it here on Our Stories.

  2. Write a blog post. Give me the URL.

Here are the next four collections: A List of Our Story Ideas for February

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Hi, I'm Robin R. Foster

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I am the co-founder and owner of Genealogy Just Ask, LLC at

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